Portfolio of Robbie Colvin


Robbie Colvin

Name: Alan Robbie Colvin

Age: 35

City: Adelaide, South Australia

Email: robbiealanrcolvin@gmail.com

Phone: 0403 667 018

Web Dev


I have experience in many aspects of web development to varying degrees, here are the technologies I use on a regular basis.

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Javascript & jQuery

  • Sass (SCSS syntax)


  • C#.NET MVC & Windows Server + IIS

  • Linux + NGINX

  • AWS & Google Cloud



I worked in a recording studio and as a live mixing engineer for about 8-9 years and worked with a huge assortment of bands and genres.

The following recordings are my personal highlights in rough chronological order.

  • Octanic, Industry EP cover

    Octanic - Industry EP.

    It was a long road getting this EP released, and then we went back and re-mixed it in 5.1 just to be the first in Adelaide to do so. I was the bands live engineer for a couple of years and worked with some big Australian bands as a result.

  • Just For Now, Broken EP cover

    Just For Now - Broken EP.

    I was generally pidgeonholed as 'that metal engineer' due to the reception of the Octanic EP, but working with Just For Now helped me get a name for myself with punk bands in Adelaide.

  • Diesel Witch EP cover

    Diesel Witch - Late Night Excursions & Hard Adventures.

    Recorded, mixed and mastered by myself with the band over a single weekend, then the CD launch was a few weeks later.

  • Stomp The Dog EP cover

    Stomp The Dog - Self-titled.

    I helped produce this one in addition to recording and mixing, and was an incredibly valuable experience.

  • Just For Now EP cover

    Just For Now - Self-titled.

    Last recording project of my music career, and recorded at the same time as the studio was being converted back into a regular house. Had to get creative with this one as the vocal booth was one of the first things to go.



For the past four years I have involved with the 365 Day photo challenge.

You can check my progress at Tookapic.


For fun I sometimes make tiny keyboards for incredibly specific purposes.

I use the open-source QMK firmware on a MEGA32u4 (Arduino Pro Micro) with a custom designed PCB.

I designed the PCB on EasyEDA , and had a small number of boards fabricated through JLCPCB.

The AUTOJECTOR3 keyboard project is the third firmware revision of a prototype 2x3 keyboard that has media functionality and virtual desktop switching.

  • Autojector Keyboard colour variations
  • Autojector Keyboard close-up
  • Autojector Keyboard Arduino controller